Woody for the Win

Pothead guru and part-time actor Woody Harrelson is already hotly tipped to win the Best Actor Oscar in next year’s Academy Awards for his role in the as-yet unfinished movie Wilson.

Wilson is directed by Craig Johnson and adapted by Daniel Clowes from his own graphic novel masterpiece of the same name. The film also stars Judy Greer and Laura Dern, but very much revolves around Harrelson as the misanthropic title character in his twisted attempts to connect with the daughter he never knew he had.

It has been described by predictive geniuses Hot Tip Monthly as a perfect storm of career payback, emotional subject and hipster cool.

In previous years Hot Tip Monthly have been startlingly accurate in it’s predictions, recommending The Revenant and Gravity for Best Picture a year before they were released. They just don’t like it when you mention other top tips The Prestige and Children of Men to them, as everything went wrong that year.

UPDATE: It has been recently pointed out to Hot Tip that, due to the Oscars So White furore after the 2016 Academy Awards, it now appears inevitable that the 2017 Best Actor will be a male of African-American persuasion, even if it is just Idris Elba or Chadwick Boseman hosting a Timotei commercial. Harrelson has therefore been relegated to the position of outsider, although it is believed that previous love for his role in racial divide bromance White Men Can’t Jump may just swing it his way. After all, black or white, male or female, everyone loves a Woody.