Quentin’s quest for perfection

Outspoken auteur Quentin Tarantino has frequently stated that he plans to retire from movie-making after ten movies. The truth behind that grandiose statement can now be revealed.

Although Quentin will no longer be shooting new footage for new productions after his tenth set command that will not be the end of movies released bearing the credit “un film de…”, as he recently revealed in an interview with Hustler magazine.

“I’m just gonna, like, keep on editing man, y’know”, he said, in a rare moment of opiate induced honesty. “Just rearrange all the stuff I’ve already shot, some of the out-takes, the bloopers, make new movies out of it, man. It’s good shit, y’know. I can make whole new stories out of the stuff I’ve got in boxes in my garage. Like the Vega brothers can finally be in a movie together, and Hans Lander can have a chat with King Schultz. It’ll be real groovy.”

When asked how the public would react to what could be seen as money-grabbing opportunistic laziness the auteur’s response was typically rambunctious.

“Fuck ’em, man. Fuck ’em ’til the cows come home. This is art, man. Like real William Burroughs cut-and-paste shit, man. Hopper did it, Lucas did it. All the greats, man.”

William Burroughs was the legendary heroin-addicted author of The Naked Lunch, who pioneered the “cut-and-paste” technique of editing his debut novel by mixing his pages out of sequence, cutting paragraphs out and  repositioning them by hand as he laid the entire manuscript out on the floor.

It will be interesting to see if Tarantino is able to apply the same ground-breaking technique to reels of celluloid, and if the result will be a masterpiece as fully realised as David Cronenberg’s 1991 revisionist adaptation of Burroughs’s classic, The Nude Brunch.

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