The usual targets

Terrorists, protesters and vigilantes deliberately target innocent bystanders rather than the true objects of their rage, criminal analysis has revealed.

Many jihadist attacks purporting to be an act of war against the Christian world have involved the deaths of thousands of peaceful Muslims. Unfortunately, this perverse irrationality is not as unusual as you’d think.

Protesting against the English government’s refusal to let go of Northern Ireland, the Irish Republican Army decided to bomb a pub in Birmingham rather than the House of Lords or Commons, preferring an easy soft target to their actual one. This involved needlessly murdering people who may have supported their stand, rather than those who were actively legislating against them.

Demonstrating against the bankers who destroyed the global economy, protesters decided to stage their action outside St Paul’s Cathedral in London, rather than outside an actual bank, or even place of commerce. They spent several cold winter months spitting and jeering at priests and policemen, costing the taxpayer even more millions, while unaffected bonus-collecting fraudsters rode past in their Bentleys hee-hawing at the crass stupidity of the shambles. “Thank God these plebs are cowards Georgie, if they’d had any balls we’d have been strung up by ours years ago.”

People are angry. They want to protest, stamp their feet, scream enough is enough and they will not take it anymore. They believe that revenge is their right, and it can take any form they like.

It doesn’t matter they are deliberately harming innocent people who are mere bystanders to the conflict, because it isn’t about the wrong being righted. It is all about the scream. A howl of impotent anger directed at whatever target is easiest to hit.

Humanity is again reverting to old school bullying of the lowest common denominator. “That big guy insulted me, but he’s built like a brick shithouse, so I’m going to slap that quiet guy in the corner. He’s eating crisps. That means he’s starting on me. I’m awesome.” Yeah, you sure are, you hypocritical coward . . .

Facts are for fools. Truth becomes a despised totem of political correctness gone mad. Problem solving is far too difficult, and far less satisfying. In this modern era of selfish, narcissistic “me” culture it is the bruised ego of the protester that must be healed, and the only cause being fought for. And that pathetically fragile ego is less likely to be bruised again when their target is unable, or likely, to fight back.

These acts of violent cowardice have also been tracked in homegrown vigilante groups, who prefer to target random citizens than actual criminals. Small town blowhard Dick Little is looking forward to his next run out with the lads. “There’s a guy down the road who looks a little bit odd, really quiet, keeps himself to himself. Mrs Jones reckons he could be a paedo, so we’re going to go over and give him a right seeing to tonight.”

When asked if his group, Fathers for Justice (tagline: Keeping Streets Safe for Kids), have had any run ins with the crime lord in the next block who prostitutes underage girls and sells crack to school children, Mr Little shrugged his shoulders. “That’s a job for the police, innit.”

NB: Apologies for this ill thought out, disorganised rant that, most criminally of all, just doesn’t have the jokes. The slave monkey writers don’t feel that funny today, having been driven mad to the brink of exhaustion by the sheer number of Dick Littles in the world right now. Something needs to be done about them, somebody needs to be taught a lesson, some . . . oh, wait . . .

2 thoughts on “The usual targets

  1. Great post.
    Highlights such a gaping chasm of humans lack of logic.
    Well, attacking someone weaker is always a smart choice…but go direct or dont bother.
    “That big guy insulted me, but he’s built like a brick shithouse, so I’m going to slap that quiet guy in the corner. – haha, great example.

    Even the wife beater isn’t beating his wife because she is who she is. He’s doing it because she’s the close and easy target for his underlying issues.

    Going aroundabout for any problems is not just cowardly, but plain stupid as it does not acheive anything.

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  2. Yep, just seems that the angrier we get, the weaker we are. Obviously not a new development, but does feel like we’re devolving rather than evolving with social media, so the weakest aspects of human character are being accentuated.

    Liked by 1 person

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