Throughout human history a mythological creature has inspired the worst in mankind. When it appears again in millennial Britain chaos and madness erupt.

1: Breakout
A thief steals an unusual prize.

2: Kublai
The Great Khan is shaken from ennui.

3: Scream of the mare
Early morning nightmare at a riding stables.

4: The herd
The unicorn greets his fans.

5: Josef
A dictator is visited by an equine demon.

6: Red mist
The unicorn unleashes hell on Dartmoor.

7: The cult
Hennessy finds the unicorn on the moor.

8: Ride on a white horse
Rebecca has her Lady Godiva moment.

9: Spider baby
A stable yard screams with the unicorn’s offspring.

10: Arcane
Hennessy gives the head of Arcane Developments a piece of his mind.