Protected Species

Jack is a baitman, employed to be human bait on big game hunting safaris for rich clients. Is he risking his life for more than just the money?


1: The baitman
In which Jack finally faces a bear after 3 days of walking in circles.

2: The wrong way
In which Jack flees into woodland, but the bear doesn’t give up the scent.

3: Smile for the camera
In which the hunters celebrate their victory.

4: The bonus
In which Jack asks for the money he thinks he deserves.

5: Hennessy’s rules
In which Jack is told the rules of the game, and sent packing.


6: The family pile
In which Jack takes a ride in an Aston to the Winchester estate.

7: The maze
In which Jack is given a tour of the family pile.

8: The big lie
In which Leo shows off his prize.

9: Leo’s folly
In which Leo unveils his masterplan.


10: White mischief
In which Jack follows in the team’s dust to Africa.

11: The feast
In which Jack enjoys native hospitality, while Leo dines in style.

12: Walk on the wild side
In which the hunt begins, as Jack walks into the darkness.

13: The wrong hero
In which Jack races back to the village, to find he can’t fight a lion.

14: Shot to hell
In which Jack makes his run, and Leo bags his lion.

15: Burnt offerings
In which Hennessy quits, and Toby offers a helping hand.

16: The steak
In which Leo’s appetite is not dulled, and Jack agrees to continue.


17: Ghosts in the mist
In which the great white hunters choose their next prey.

18: Campfire tales
In which Jack and Leo share common ground around a fire.

19: Blank eyed stare
In which Blake wakes up the camp with a bang.

20: The perfect shot
In which Jack and Leo climb to the ape’s home, and the hunter targets his prey.

21: Long live the king
In which Leo faces the wrath of the mighty Kong.


22: The tower
In which Jack is escorted to meet the head of the Winchester clan.

23: Rosie and Thomas
In which Jack remembers why he hates the Winchesters.

24: The old men
In which Jack meets the grand masters of the Winchester clan.

25: For the lost
In which revenge is a dish best served, no matter how warm.