Serial thrillers

Hove Press celebrates the simple compulsive joys of cliffhanger chapter fiction, whereby a story is thrown to the wolves in 500-1000 word micro-bites.

These tasters can later be adapted into more complete novel form, so work as first drafts to a more polished work.

As such they can be taken as thrilling curiousity pieces or satisfying entertainment in their own right.

Here is a rundown of our recent serial fiction:

Jack is a baitman, employed to be human bait on big game hunting safaris for rich clients. Is he risking his life for more than just the money?
(25 chapters)

Throughout human history a mythological creature has inspired the worst in mankind. When it appears again in millennial Britain chaos and madness erupt.
(10 chapters)

An ex-girlfriend returns to her drunken man, claiming to be murdered and compelling him to track down her killer before they strike again. Is it a trick, a ghost or a figment of his imagination?
(10 chapters)

A Pacific island adventure serial. While holidaying in Vanuatu with their young daughter, Blake’s husband Toby disappears on a remote island and is reported dead. Believing this to be another one of Toby’s scams, Blake enlists the aid of a local guide to search for him, only to discover the truth is far more dangerous than anything she could imagine.