About Hove Press

Hove Press is an online magazine of fact and fiction.

We showcase chapter serials, short stories, satire and essays.

The name springs from a now defunct print/design operation based in Hove, England called Hove Printing. When the business closed the brand transformed into an outlet for creative writing, to eventually become an independent publishing house.

We celebrate originality, creativity and insanity.

Here is a rundown of our recent serial fiction:

Jack is a baitman, employed to be human bait on big game hunting safaris for rich clients. Is he risking his life for more than just the money?
(25 chapters)

Throughout human history a mythological creature has inspired the worst in mankind. When it appears again in millennial Britain chaos and madness erupt.
(10 chapters)

An ex-girlfriend returns to her drunken man, claiming to be murdered and compelling him to track down her killer before they strike again. Is it a trick, a ghost or a figment of his imagination?
(10 chapters)