Quotations without hidden costs

We provide quotes with a breakdown of how the fees are allocated. There are three principle costs involved.

  1. Design if you want to use our studio services to design for you. Really it’s about delivering what you want, so can start from £30 for a simple card.
  2. Print the actual cost of the products involved. We’ll source the best available deals for you from the printing.com catalogue, and in many cases can offer lower prices than available through other franchises.
  3. Delivery based on product weight. This is a mandatory fee, and is included due to the low prices on print we source. Many other companies do not admit to including a delivery fee, but hide it within an inflated printing cost so you are paying far more for printing the exact same products. We prefer our pricing structure to be open and transparent to build a healthy, honest relationship with our clients.

Of course the other cost often not taken into account when browsing the catalogue is VAT. Unfortunately, that’s something none of us can avoid (although some items such as flyers are often zero rated)! Here are some examples of our most popular products: