The Guide

A Pacific island adventure serial. While holidaying in Vanuatu with their young daughter, Blake’s husband Toby disappears on a remote island and is reported dead. Believing this to be another one of Toby’s scams, Blake enlists the aid of a local guide to search for him, only to discover the truth is far more dangerous than anything she could imagine.


1: Bad news
Blake hears news too terrible to believe.

2: Good food
Madison gets to try island cuisine while her mother is distracted.

3: Believe what you want
Blake finds focus again with a way to track down Toby.

4: Homeless
Blake and Madison spend their last night in Port Vila.

5: Jack’s back
Jack gets a surprise when they prepare to set sail.

6: Open water
Life on the high sea brings reflection.


7: The postman
The island postman gets a shock.

8: Homecoming
Neri’s return to Crab Island.

9: Toby’s jug
Blake cuts through the language barrier.

10: Restless Natives
Blake loses her cool when she realises Toby’s plan.

11: Neri’s dance
Neri attempts to broker a peace.

12: Force majeure
A meeting between two factions doesn’t go to plan.

13: Freefall
Blake’s worst fears are faced.


14: Going down
Jack’s escape route leads them into the fire.

15: Bang
A lucky shot returns the fight.

16: Farah of the hill
A mountain man and his sons arrive to help.

17: The view
Farah feeds his guests and tells a story that resonates.

18: Truth be told
Farah hears one side of a story and Neri stays her ground.

19: Handhold
A secret tryst reveals growing tensions.

20: Build
Pisiv inspires the island to action.

21: Fall
The hunting party attack.

22: Mother’s daughter
Madison joins the fight.

23: Heartfelt
Jack races to find his love.

24: Bones
The party find what they’re looking for.


25: Fall from grace
Jack shows Toby the sights.

26: Crab island
Blake ponders her mistakes and finds hope.