Chinese Girl

The painting Chinese Girl by Vladimir Tretchikoff is one of the most reproduced prints in the world, despite being sneered at by art critics over the years. It is a work that manages to be both bland and strikingly unusual at the same time, and it is that irrational contradiction that ensures it will endure.

It depicts an Asian woman in a yellow dress with a blue-green face, red lipstick and black hair. Her yellow costume is unfinished, devolving from paint into pencil outlines, and blends in with the plain brown background. It looks like a portrait of an alien, but is actually a real girl from the small Chinese community in Cape Town, South Africa, where it was painted in 1950.

Vladimir was born in 1913 in Kazakhstan, to an aristocratic family who fled to China after the Russian Revolution in 1917. He began as a theatrical scene painter for an opera house, before embarking on a series of portraits of Asian women that became his hugely successful stock-in-trade when published as a book, and enabled him to tour America, where his exhibitions attracted huge audiences.

The exotic allure of the women he painted was intoxicating to Western eyes, although his work was later derided as tacky kitsch when that initial foreignness became more normal. Ironically, it was the same retro camp appeal that later brought him back into fashion, and The Chinese Girl often appears in popular culture movies, television and other media as an icon of hipster cool.

The Chinese Girl is a picture that ultimately transcends labels of good or bad, it’s sheer oddness raising it high above the artist’s other works.  It serves as a perfect reminder of the unusual quirk that separates the great from the good, that any aspiring true artist should be striving for.

It was sold at auction in 2013 for just under £1 million.

4 thoughts on “Chinese Girl

  1. I’ve known of this picture since I was a kid in the 70s (I think a neighbour had it in their lounge) but never really knew anything about it or the artist. Thanks for the info!

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  2. I wouldn’t have been able to say her face was blue green despite knowing the picture for years. I wonder if people still buy copies of it to hang on their walls.
    Remember the painting of the crying boy? Wasn’t it supposedly cursed – or you were cursed if you had on your wall?

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  3. Think The Chinese Girl is still going strong, or at least gets a burst of ironic hipster cool every few years. Back in the 90s a rip off of the painting was used as the cover for retro kitsch music anthology The Sound Gallery, which brought in back into the spotlight again.
    Think The Crying Boy picture was supposed to be cursed because of series of incidents where it was found to be undamaged in fire-destroyed houses. The Sun reported that no firefighter would have it in their home. Supposedly this was because some prints had been treated with varnish that acted as fire repellent, as well as the painting landed face down on floor, protecting it. Hmmmm, sounds like another potential art essay for the future . . .

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